Ran  Harpaz

Ran Harpaz

Vice President of Information Technology


Ran Harpaz serves as our Vice President of Information Technology since December 2011. Prior to his nomination, Mr. Harpaz has served as Netvision's chief technology officer for the last three years.

Prior to that, he worked for five years in the Silicon Valley (USA), where he held key roles at Paypal Ltd. and served as VP customer advocacy of Skybox Security Inc. (USA).

In former offices, he served as management consultant at McKinsey & Co. and as VP research and development of Sanctum Inc. (Acquired by WatchFire/IBM) and as software architect in Amdocs.

Mr. Harpaz holds a LL.B in Law, a B.A. with honours in economics and M.B.A. with honours in Finance, all from the Tel Aviv University.

Presentations by Ran Harpaz:

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